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EM DSI Inc. JEM DSI INC was founded as an advising organism, sales, Industrial design and manufacturer to provide support to every company with these needs in the USA & Mexico.

JEM DSI INC owns Machinery with the best and more efficient cycle times and parts produced, these machines are operated by Experienced and skilled personnel, it allow us to operate in a confident manner for our customers, since our job is provide Machined parts, Gauges, Fixtures, Machine´s design and tools for complex Engineering.We provide theoretical and practical training on the newest automation Technologies, supported on established and recognized PLC´s Brands that we use in the product that we manufacture.

In our company we have optimized every complex process to reduce Manufacturing time, focusing on increase productivity within ourcustomer´s companies but always maintaining a high quality level.

Company Mission

Provide a quality service based on customer´s requirements and have a wide variety of High Tech automatized equipment to provide a competitive service in a clean and transparent work environment to satisfy customer´s needs and investors expectations.

Company Vision

To be a Company with high qualified personnel sustaining every day all its designs taking in consideration the newest Technology. Expanding its services to a global level to growth bussiness.

Pre-made Skins

Here you can see the pre-made skins for Vertikal. Vertikal is a true high quality and clean multi-purpose theme which will fit for any business and websites.

Please take a look at these demos. We believe Vertikal will suit for you and you will love it as much as we do...

Pre-made skins